Author of contemporary interracial romance fiction

From then on I began writing everyday, having more stories than time. Being an avid reader, I wanted to bring something different to the world of romance, unique from my favorite authors but with a great story that all readers would enjoy. "I have always enjoyed telling stories and crafting characters that all people can identify with. I never knew research could be so fun!"

"My stories mainly deal with people coming to terms with themselves as they meet their match. The more twists and turns the more fun I have, especially building the development of the characters. I have been so sad that our country, in particular and the world in general, just will not learn. We keep doing the same, horrible things to each other, millennium after millennium and don't seem to get the fact that we can only be better as a nation and as a people when we embrace our differences and be the wonderful people we have the potential of being."

I strive to bring social commentary into all my stories, hoping people will talk about and maybe challenge their way of thinking.  "I realize not everyone is comfortable with a white man and a black woman in a romantic situation and some stories available are so erotic they don't tell the 'realness' of love that happens between a man and woman irregardless of race.  I just want to talk about two individuals who overcome their struggles and love each other."

Meet Leichelle

I started writing in high school.  I then spent many years reading romance novels with my mom and sisters and then imagining my own stories.  I didn't get serious about writing until 2006 after the loss of one of my sisters. I remember thinking "I just wanted to cheer up my mom." One of my main motivators was my mom saying, "When are you going to finish that one story you told us about?"